Current Exhibitions

Museum Shop

Located on the first floor of our museum, the Museum Shop carries an array of our original goods and selected products. Discovering a unique item here is one of the enjoyable parts of visiting the museum. We look forward to your visit to the shop.

museum shop1
museum shop2
Opening Hours According to the Museum hours
Closed According to the Museum holidays
Phone 087-822-0002

Museum Goods


A variety of designs based on the images of objects and motifs in the museum’s collection such as the folding screen of the Genpei War.

The image of the Genpei War

Local specialties

Various traditional goods and local products, including Olive Handkerchiefs and Kagari Temari balls, are also sold here.



Temari ball making kit

Temari ball making kit

Sanuki Kagari Temari balls

Sanuki Kagari Temari balls

Replicas of the museum’s collections

Mini replicas of the folding screen of a panoramic view of the Takamatsu Castle Town 350 years ago are now available for sale. The shop also offers exhibition catalogues and featuring goods on special exhibitions. Take time out to just look around and enjoy your shopping excursion. Note: Only for the exhibition catalogues, we offer sending them by post.

Museum Café Musée

The Museum Café Musée provides a space where you can enjoy a comfortable time of relaxation. It also offers lunch special of the day.

Opening Hours 9:30 – 16:30
Closed According to the Museum holidays
Phone 087-821-0353