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Current Exhibitions

Volunteer Activities

At the Kagawa Museum, we have many active volunteers in four categories, hoping to be a bridge to connect the museum to Kagawa citizens with a wide variety of activities.

In addition, there are volunteers working for the Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum as well.

Tour Guide Group

To provide a guided tour of the history exhibitions on the third floor of our museum, volunteer stuff are available on request for visitors every Saturday afternoon from 1:30 p.m. (free of charge). To serve the needs and interests of the visitors with family members or from outside Kagawa, the volunteers are well-equipped to help you make the most of your visit. We look forward to having you enjoy our service.

Gallery Talk Group

Mainly for art-related exhibitions, the volunteers of this category are prepared to give visitors explanations of each exhibit and observational skills to enable you to discover connections with the works. Join our gallery talk to appreciate our masterpieces in greater depth.

Assistant Group

Volunteers in this group are devoted to organizing a variety of activities and events in the museum. There are events that the volunteer themselves would have a chance to manage all the organizing process from planning to handling actual tasks. We hope that our events could be a good opportunity for visitors to find the museum more enjoyable place. We look forward to seeing you in the events.

Public Relations Group

Volunteers in this position are engaged in activities to inform the public through media such as our museum’s publication and to arrange its shipment.

Applications and Inquiries

The Kagawa Museum recruits volunteers in February and March every year. The information about applications will be posted on our website by the time of the recruitment.