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About Rare Sugar

Professor Izumori

Professor Izumori’s Book The Secret Story of Rare Sugar
Professor Izumori’s Book
The Secret Story of Rare Sugar

Kagawa is the Stage for a Dream Borne of Cutting Edge Research

Ken Izumori

It was said for years that rare sugar was not something essential for people or living things; however I always believed that one day it could be beneficial, and continued my research. When I discovered the enzyme we now use-(to produce rare sugar) it was pretty much by chance. It was a gift from microorganisms. And now production of any type of rare sugar has become possible. As research continues I expect we’ll learn more about D-allulose, and D-allose what has antioxidant activity and cancer fighting properties, and new rare sugars that have fantastic capabilities.

In 2001, the International Society of Rare Sugars was founded and held its first symposium. At each symposium, researchers from around the world gather together in Kagawa, which has become the center of rare sugar research. I am overjoyed because I was hoping to develop and share new research from Kagawa with the world.

As a result of this university research, there are now opportunities for new companies to emerge and commodities to be created. Rare sugar is going to become a big industry. While our efforts are largely concentrated on the health benefits of rare sugar, there is an endless scope of possibilities when it comes to what might yet be done. Rare sugar really is "a dream sugar".

The research that the dream is founded on is something I also want to share with children. Since 2007, Izumoring, Co., Ltd. has been hosting the Rare Sugar Competition with this objective in mind. High school students from throughout the country get together and conduct experiments using rare sugar, and then present their results. These young people and their flexible ways of thinking are the future, and even now, serve to influence our thinking and the developing research.

In addition, Izumoring, Co., Ltd. has been working in conjunction with the Sannan Farming Union, located in Komino Miki, to cultivate the D-allulose rich plant Itea and develop a business around it. At present, a new project is underway to commercialize the Itea plant in the mountainous areas of Komino where the population has been in decline largely due to people moving out of the area.

I want everyone to know about rare sugar. And I hope that it will become a useful resource in revitalizing the region.