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About Kisyotou About Rare Sugar

About Rare Sugar

Rare sugar is a dream whose origins were cultivated in Kagawa.
In academic fields, as well as in areas interested in regional development, rare sugar is attracting a great deal of attention.
With all this attention, we are hopingthat this cutting edge research can be taken “from Kagawa to the world.”

Kagawa is the Stage for a Dream Borne of Cutting Edge Research

A Challenge of Detective Vandamme "What are rare sugars?"

A Challenge of Detective Vandamme What are rare sugars?

A Challenge of Detective Vandamme "What are rare sugars?"is the second installment in the Rare Sugar Library of books released by Izumoring, Co., Ltd. located in Komino Miki in Kagawa Prefecture. The curious and spirited Vandamme sets out with a cryptic text hinting at the mystery of rare sugar, as he seeks to bring its secretsto light.Those interested in a copy should contact Izumoring, Co., Ltd. An English version is also available.

Author: Oka, Kaoru and Ken Izumori
Publisher: Izumoring, Co., Ltd.
Phone: 087-899-1867
List Price: ¥100 + tax