Introduction (English)



   Important official documents transferred from Kagawa Prefectural Government organizations, ancient writings, and related data collected in this prefectural area have been preserved in this facility as historical materials to be utilized by the citizens of this prefecture.
 In addition, various information is offered concerning Kagawa Prefecture and its administration.

1  Transferred and Collected Archives
1) Official Documents (Specified Historical Public Records and Archives)
  After a certain period of time, select documents produced or acquired by Kagawa Prefectural Government organizations that are of historical value are transferred and preserved here.

2) Ancient Documents
  Through private donations and cooperation, ancient documents and records have been deposited here to create this collection.

3) Administrative Materials
  Acquired materials produced by administrative agencies varying from statistics, investigative research reports, information publications, and maps are gathered here.

2 Reading Room

  Official documents transferred from Kagawa Prefectural government organizations and ancient writings collected by the Kagawa Prefectural Archives may be used by following a prescribed procedure. Please use administrative materials freely.

3 Exhibition Room

  Official documents and ancient writings that are held by the Kagawa Prefectural Archives are on display.

4 Opening Hours
  1) 9:00am−5:00pm
  2) The Archives calendar is posted on the homepage of the Kagawa Prefectural Archives website. (The days that the Archives are closed are marked in red.)

5 Closed
  1) Mondays
   (When Monday is a National Holiday, the Archives are closed on the first following weekday.)
  2) National Holidays
  3) Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th through January 3rd)
  4) Archives inventory days (up to 10 days per year, as designated by the chief archivist)



Regarding the use of official documents and archives;

1)   Please make sure you are issued a user card before viewing official documents and archives, as well as before checking out any administrative materials.

2)   Please fill out an application form using the card catalog to locate an official document or archive that you wish to examine. (These items may be viewed on microfilm or in reproduced form.)

3)   Permission is required for the duplication of official documents and archives. If permission is attained duplications may also be made from materials on microfilm. The duplication fee is 10 yen per sheet for black and white copies, and 20 yen per sheet for color copies.
   Unfortunately, the duplication of certain materials is prohibited.

4)   Please restrain from extended self-study in the reading room.

Regarding the use of administrative data;

1)   Please use materials freely. Please return viewed materials to the staff counter.

2)   An individual may check out five items for a period of fifteen days.

3)   A computer may be used in the search of materials.

4)   Persons wishing to duplicate administrative materials must apply at the staff counter. The duplication fee is 10 yen per sheet for black and white copies, and 20 yen per sheet for color copies.





1 移管・収集資料
(1) 公文書(特定歴史公文書等)

(2) 古文書


2 閲覧室

3 展示室

4 開館時間
  (1) 午前9時から午後5時まで
  (2) 「開館カレンダー」は、香川県立文書館ホームページのトップ・ページに掲載しています。(休館日は、赤で表示しています。)

5 休館日
  (1) 月曜日(月曜日が国民の祝日に関する法律に定める休日に当たるときは、その翌日)
  (2) 国民の祝日に関する法律に定める休日
  (3) 年末年始(12月29日から翌年の1月3日まで)
  (4) 資料整理日(1年につき10日を限度として館長が定める日)



1 公文書、古文書の閲覧を希望される方及び行政資料の貸出を希望される方は、事前に利用証の交付を受けてください。
2 公文書、古文書は、目録をご覧のうえ、申請書で閲覧申請を行ってください。
3 公文書、古文書の複写については、許可が必要です。
4 閲覧室内での自習は、ご遠慮ください。


1 行政資料は、自由に閲覧できますが、返却は、カウンターへお願いします。
2 行政資料の貸出しは、1人5冊15日間です。
3 行政資料は、コンピューター端末機で検索できます。
4 行政資料の複写を希望される方は、申請書に記載してカウンターまで提出してください。